Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please let this month be over.

I haven't uploaded the Vancougar photos yet. Surprise, surprise.

I feel as if my whole life is filled with things I am failing to do. School. Employment. Dog stuff. Family stuff. Lover stuff. Friend stuff.

Despite that feeling, I am making progress.

I handed in some school stuff. On time. It's not anywhere near what I'd like it to look like, but it's in. And that's a huge step for me. I'd usually just not hand it in because I'm not satisfied with it.

I also am getting some clients for a dog walking and behaviour business that a close friend and I started. We haven't met any of the clients yet, but we're definitely booking up quickly. I pick up the flyers and brochures from the printer's on Friday, and we'll paint this town red. I don't know if we'll make enough to quit our day jobs (er.. or, in my case, what day job?), but I'm optimistic and feel like I've already accomplished more with it than I thought I could. I'm proud of what we've done so far, and I'm eager to meet people and help them with their dogs.

Roomie is moving out on Wednesday. Lover is moving in. I am terrified. I hope it will improve both relationships, but I'm worried that it'll ruin them. My worry is likely unwarranted, of course, but that doesn't make it any less present in my mind. I am eager to make a home with my partner, putting up our artwork, realizing we don't have any dishware, debating over purchasing things that we need but don't want to move across the country with us in a few months - it'll be interesting. I shall help him keep from accidentally giving us food poisoning, and he shall help me keep from eating that delicious food in bed at all hours of the night.

And, here's a short list of blog posts that I must remind myself to write soooon:
- Vancougar, with photos
- Zebra/EDS sleepover awesomeness
- my very green thumb
- physio, the sequel
- chiro update
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things we encountered on our afternoon walk:

  • Two adorable cats. One of them played with Elliepup. Purr!
  • Two adorable doxies. One of them was a piebald puppy. Ellie loved them.
  • A chicken bone, which Ellie sniffed out amidst some tulips. She wanted to take it home.
  • A blues guitarist. I danced a little.
  • A blonde squirrel. Weeeird.
  • A balmy 18C. I'd love summer if it wouldn't get any hotter than this. Glorious! 

Some piebald & longhaired doxie eyecandy: 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm baaaaack

There needs to be a serious vacation post, and there will be one.
With photos.
Of trees.
And mountains.
And marine life.
And general British Columbia awesomeness.

Just.. not today.

Also, I have a good secret, but that will also have to wait. A good one. I swear.
No, I'm not knocked up. That, friends, would be bad secret. Seriously.

Moving right along..

I've only been back in the province.. oh.. for five days now? Less than a week. And already it feels like it has been years since I was away. Eep. Luckily, the vacation also seemed to last for years, so perhaps it'll all even out.

Things I have done since returning:
  • fed my sausage-dog sausage
  • worked a shift at my beloved Queen Anne mansion
  • given my mother orchids
  • called my grandmother and my father
  • submitted journal articles on time
  • canoed!
  • played guitar
  • gone on a dog playdate
  • dislocated my shoulder (but all is well!)

Most of those things are fantastic,  and I shall celebrate them as such.

I hope you're all celebrating things too.

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